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[17 Oct 2006|06:27pm]
I've decided to switch LJ accounts. I will still be keeping this one, but using it more for Sonic related things then anything else. I may post other things here as well, but who knows. I'll be posting all kinds of Sonic icons and such when I get around to it. So simply put this will be more of my Sonic media journal then a personal journal.

You can now find more of my personal stuffles over at queenbrillig. I will also be using my new journal to post my non Sonic media. Add me I say!
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..friends only??? [18 Feb 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Steal me and DIE! Corny took a long time to make me!
Comment to be added!

Yesh you heard right friends only. Yup I'll be posting things that may be more personal to just let the whole world know...and I found out some people I don't want reading this are.

If you're here to read one of my Sonic fics go to sonicfanfiction 'cause I post them there as well. If you're looking for the Sonic icons you can find them at sonicteam_icons

Rules to befriending me:
- I like cheese
- post and say your adding me or something
- if you don't like Shadow The Hedgehog don't try to befriend me...It wont work!

JUST A NOTE: I am a girl, just thought I'd let you know since most think I'm a guy...

Also I just need to say this Shadow isn't some stupid robot and he didn't die. He has no clones or copies whatsoever! There is only one true Shadow and he's not a copy in Sonic Heroes! He's the real deal! <--This part is for someone I know...you know who you are!
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